Promoting Sayama Tea and creating new value

We focus on the following business activities and product development, with the main objectives of promoting Sayama Tea and creating new value, stimulating innovation in the Japanese tea industry, and invigorating Iruma City and the surrounding tea-producing areas.

Development of products utilizing Sayama Tea, and the operation of restaurants featuring Sayama Tea cuisine

Development and sale of products utilizing Sayama Tea and the management of patents for such products
Creation of Sayama Tea cuisine and operation of restaurants both in Japan and overseas serving tea

Consulting services and other services related to Sayama Tea

・Consulting services regarding Sayama Tea experiential events and generating local tourism
・Consulting services regarding exchange activities with other regions and organizations both within Japan and overseas
・Consulting services regarding so-called “sixth-sector industrialization” activities centered on Sayama Tea
・Production of dietary education utilizing Sayama Tea and industry-academia-government collaborative projects

Dissemination of information on and selling of Sayama Tea

・Selling of tea and dissemination of information about tea via a website featuring Sayama Tea and various other Japanese and overseas teas and processed tea products
・Export of Sayama Tea and processed Sayama Tea products
・Import of overseas teas and processed tea products
・Services related to Sayama Tea production, processing, sales, and distribution, as well as energy production activities